TikTok Realtime is the way to check your follower account updated!

Data seen in TikTok has the possibility of being inaccurate or delayed!

That’s why Livecounts.io took the initiative for the TikTok live follower counting page!

The follower count and heart count are taken directly from the official TikTok API service.

Each count is updated every 2 seconds and is as accurate as possible.

Right now we are the exclusive TikTok Live Follower Count website!

Movies, challenges, and an acceptable dose of social elements like stickers, filters, hashtags.

That’s all TikTok, the music community that goes crazy among teenagers, born from the fusion with Musical.ly, offers.

Another popular interface for young people. “Real short videos”, the slogan speaks for itself.

Short videos, even as short as 10 seconds, up to a longer than one minute, are the real main characters.

TikTok has 500 million individuals and 30 million videos posted every day.

Young people are crazy about this, more than girls, they represent far more than half of the common individuals.

It’s immediate (much more than the good old Facebook), creates aggregation, and makes it easy to continue the trends today.

Recently launched, this free utility makes it easy to get statistics on individuals and gives many attractive properties and measures.

The most dynamic community in recent times in relation to content production and individuals.

TikTok is favored by most teenage individuals, which undoubtedly transforms it into a community.

Not to do so is to have a blind spot on the uses and practices of the under 16s.

The first steps of the application give the sensation of being a dinosaur, precisely.

Design and formats of the tiktok real time application

Design and formats are not always intuitive and we do not always understand what the platform does.

For millions of individuals who like the application

The special video formats have millions of views and relationships to the point of making trends to other social networks.

In addition, new content developers and then influencers are appearing on TikTok.

The numbers, practices, and uses are there and direct or indirect use for some brands makes sense.

Following the example of other community screening utilities, web products are emerging for research.

The profiles of individuals in the TikTok application, this is the situation of Clout Meter.

A utility to get statistics and compare profiles in TikTok real time

Communication in a community can be done by creating branded content, but also by going through content developers.

Those who know the codes and benefit from a prominent level of visibility and duty.

TikTok is not a distinction to the rule, only that there is no profusion of utilities to investigate and contrast accounts.

The meter is a utility for researching, measuring, and cross-checking the statistics of TikTok individuals who have a public profile.

For now, it’s free, you just have to register to enter the service.

Profiles in TikTok Real time

To date, the utility ensures to monitor well over 7,803 profiles in TikTok.

If the profile is not in the base, it is feasible to add it and mark it to continue the evolution of the account.

Several features to examine TikTok profiles to check the predominance of accounts

Whether we’re talking about an agency or a brand, the drawback is the same.

If I have to give a budget to an influencer, I do it because there is consistency with their content production and what my brand conveys.

But I want to select the most outstanding profile in relation to statistics, among all the selected profiles.

When you select the TikTok profile, you get a statistical record of the account.

Beyond the traditional measures like the number of followers, fans, wishes, and videos published.

We also get the evolution of the number of subscribers and wishes at all times in graphical and tabular form.

Other attractive data to investigate TikTok profiles, 30 days, 60 days, 3 months projections, etc. of followers and wishes.

TikTok Real time Statistics

The statistical test utility TikTok also provides a selection of 8 contents of the analyzed profile.

The chlorine meter also displays a graph showing the evolution of the TikTok video’s wishes and comments at all times.

Also, the profile is fully exportable in PDF. It is favorable to carry out a receipt.

Each user can be marked and then easily found and monitored at all times.

Finally, it provides the opportunity to contrast two profiles: just choose individuals to get a comparison table.

The chlorine meter is free for the time being and if the utility is not special.

It facilitates the first approach to measurements in the TikTok community.

In just a few months, TikTok Realtime has predetermined itself as one of the premier communities around the world.

It is popular among teenagers who publish and distribute their videos and choreography, and it is also a huge curiosity.

On this page, you can see the latest TikTok Realtime numbers in terms of the number of active users and usage, updated regularly. In particular, it finishes diffusing a succession of quantities on TikTok.

Usage statistics on the planet

– 800 million active users per month.

– 400 million active users per day in China.

– More than 2 billion downloads (since its creation)

TikTok: record number of downloads in a three-month period in the first three-month period of 2020

With 315 million installations in the first three-month period of 2020

This is the highest number of downloads from an application in a three-month period.

Also, Tiktok became the first application, after Facebook and its galaxy (WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger).

The 3 countries with the most installations of TikTok in the first 3 month period of 2020

– India with 611 million downloads (although the application was banned in the country)

– China with 196.6 million downloads,

– The USA with 165 million downloads.

TikTok Realtime key dates

  • August 2014: the creation of Musical.ly, an application to communicate 15-second videos
  • September 2016: TikTok application launched
  • November 9, 2017: Chinese company ByteDance acquires Musical.ly
  • 1st three-month period of 2018: TikTok is downloaded 46 million times (more than Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp)
  • August 2, 2018: Musical.ly and TikTok merge into one application, TikTok

The ByteDance numbers

2012, creation of ByteDance by Yiming Zhang

In August 2018, ByteDance is the most appreciated start in the world with 75 billion USD.

Visit the official TikTok website.