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TikTok Followers Comparison – Compare TikTokers

We are introducing this new tool that will allow you to compare the Tikokers that you want. With this TikTok Follower Comparison, you’ll be able to compare your TikTok account with your friend and compare all the accounts that you want.

This Tool can be extremely funny with friends but also just to compare famous TikTokers and it can be really helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

☝️ What is the TikTok Followers Comparison Tool?

With this tool, you are able to compare the followers of you favorite TikTokers in realtime. All numbers are updated live.

☝️ I am getting an error and is isn’t working, what to do?

If you have an error, please try to clear your browser cache or use another browser. If it’s still not working, you can always contact us and we’ll help you.

☝️ Can I also see the hearts compare and videos compare?

No, this feature isn’t available yet, but we are working on it and we will add it in the future.

☝️ Will TikTok realtime develop more features?

Yes, we will add more features and we have other features like tiktok live view count and tiktok realtime followers. We are always improving our website.

☝️ How can I contact TikTokRealtime?

You can contact us by going to our website and then to the contact page. Just fill the form and send a message. We’ll answer you within 48 hours.

TikTok Follower Comparison as a metric!

TikTok Follower Comparison is one more important metric of this social network that is influencing the whole world in 2020. That’s why we want to give you the best tips to learn how to use TikTok. At the same time, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of how it works.

Also, everything that makes this metric so important for you to increase your popularity is measured by yourself.

The first thing we need to address is that TikTok Follower Comparison is from the Tik Tok application. A community of Chinese origin that lies in making short videos to share.

This application makes it easy to make videos ranging from 3 to 15 seconds or if you want you can extend them to 60 seconds, which is why several think it is the substitute for Vine.

Also, this community was born in 2016, however, it was not until 2018 that its popularity began to grow, as it was usable in well over 150 countries and 75 languages and currently has well over 500 million individuals.

The original name of Tik Tok was Douyin, which means “to shake the music”, and in 2017, the company Bytedance bought Musical.ly, a community where individuals distribute videos in which they record themselves, regularly with background music that follows their movements, a utility that is most common in Tik Tok.

Why is TikTok so important for marketing people?

TikTok is the new community that is giving marketers something to talk about and one of the considerable surprises of the previous years.

In a short time, this network managed to reach no less than 800 million individuals. The important thing is that if you are not in the right age segment, you may not have heard of it.

TikTok, like Snapchat, is sweeping through the teenage crowd. Also, it recently started to integrate advertising resolutions, so it’s becoming one of the configurations with more potential to reach the centennial target if you want to carry out advertising in communities.

tiktok follower comparison

How did it all start before the TikTok Follower Comparison?

If you’re not young or a parent, you’ve probably never heard of TikTok. However, it’s the application that shocked the world today, with 600 million individuals globally.

There are people who get recognized through TikTok, with millions of followers. Among these, young people – especially teenagers – spend hours using this application.

It used to be popular as Musical.ly (it was a video application that in November 2017 bought a Chinese company, ByteDance), which belongs to the most downloaded applications of the previous years. It began to grow in popularity over time and today is positioned as the favorite among centennials.

Analysis in TikTok is important

From the profile and audience views to the video and hashtags participation, let’s consider this as an opportunity to stand out.

It’s a challenge for me to start this network, because I’m not exactly the target audience. However, it was paramount to test it and understand it for my users who do fall into this category.

The first considerable thing to note about TikTok and how the application collects data, is that data collection and monitoring starts one week after you modify your Pro account.

For this reason, it is strongly suggested that you extract the largest proportion of content as soon as possible to get the most informative information.

Patience is going to be key as you begin to forge your presence and get hands-on with the interface skills and how you can use them to serve your audience.

TikTok displays three essential categories within the board:

-General Profile Information
-Content Perspectives
-Tracker’s Perspectives

By choosing the appropriate tabs at the top of the Analytics screen, you can reveal more specific data and how it is shaping your overall performance.

Profile views, and video interaction matters!

TikTok measures your profile watches videos, and tracks your followers in a 7 or 28-day window. Regardless of the time window, you want to examine (week vs. month), the data is tracked all the time, making it possible to transcribe what content is helping the greatest development.

You can easily follow a funnel of users and get insight into what types of content they choose, when precisely they have started playing with their profile, and whether you are distributing the videos they think are important.

In the area, it’s feasible that they won’t feel like the most advanced group of numbers you can get, although they do have the ability to guide you in important choices such as when to publish, what to publish, with what continuity, and for whom you’re creating the content.

tiktok followers comparison image

Content and audience data matters too

By moving your mouse to the ‘Trackers’ tab of your Analytics panel, you will be able to see a gender division and percentage breakdown of your audience by location in the formats of a pie chart and its level line graph. Areas are labeled ‘Top’ and designated by country (e.g. Canada, USA, UK).

When you switch to your ‘Content’ tab, you will be provided with a prominent level image of the total views of each video you shared over the previous week, structured from the last to the oldest. In addition, TikTok tracks which of these videos, if any, ticked off on the ‘For You’ page and the proportion of visits they got.

If you want to reinforce the performance of a particular publication, the content analysis gives the ability to follow more particular measures that include:

  • Total as a publication count
  • Total number of comments
  • Number of shares
  • Total video playback time
  • Total video views
  • Average monitoring time
  • Types of traffic sources
  • Audience territories

When viewed with the general specification of the primary territories in the Followers tab, the audience territories will allow you to contrast how the various types of content and formats are with people from different areas.

If a publication worked exceptionally well in a certain location, it becomes a simple choice to continue delivering that type of publication. Conversely, if you see a drop in duty, you’ll know it’s time to get back on the boards.

Take advantage of third-party data with TikTok follower comparison

TikTok’s native utilities are great for exploiting your profile data, but what about other accounts’ ideas?

That’s why there is analytical satisfaction tools that assists you to investigate the performance of other TikTokers, thus getting information about hashtag trend challenges.

If you register a free account, it offers you access to up to three accounts of important information. For higher occupancy and more testing, there are two other accessible scenario configurations with subscription fees starting at $20/month.

Once you provide the username of the profile you want to track, TikTok will provide you with a dashboard that has the following profile information inside:

Average duty rate
Total Hearts
Total number of videos published
Like’s average
Average Comments
Total number of accounts following the profile

Many marketers recognize the added value of shaping their content to align with the themes that are already in focus.

At TikTok, hashtag challenges are an entertaining way to witness and study a social network of influencers and then to carry out stories that align with their interests.

With all this information, you can consider which of these have the greatest duty and whether it’s worth dedicating time and effort to a certain hard-fought purpose.

TikTok Follower Comparison and its Predominance in Music

The dominance of the TikTok Follower Comparison is growing, with sometimes considerable consequences for all sectors. A case in point is music. For one sample case, musicians, record labels, and charts. The models of exploitation and also the way in which pop songs are written and generated.

Instagram is currently the sixth-largest community worldwide with one billion individuals, but it could soon lose this place to TikTok. The video application of the Chinese company ByteDance has so far 800 million individuals worldwide, with an upward trend. All of the above, beyond the criticism of TikTok’s data custody and the accusations that gay individuals and people with disabilities are discriminated against there.

But the amounts of users are growing, possibly also thanks to today’s global circumstance. TikTok’s content is made for smooth fun in boring quarantine. Among other things, individuals lip-synch with excerpts from their favorite songs. In addition, they underlie small parodies with music or take part in some songs in dance challenges. Music plays an incredibly substantial role in TikTok.

Do you remember the mini play show?

A similar concept is behind the TikTok application, which used to be called Musical.ly. Young people dance to popular hits and film themselves with their smartphones.

Then they upload the short videos to TikTok, where individuals have the possibility to comment on each others’ publications. In addition, they use the TikTok Follower Comparison to understand how they are doing in the ratings.

Besides the video clips, comedy is especially common worldwide. According to the operators, 800 thousand individuals use the application day after day. These include well over 4 million individuals in Europe and the US.

It currently belongs to the most successful German apps, and TikTok is the most relevant in the app lists on Google Play Store. The primary individuals are young, even if registration is only officially available from the age of 13.

TikTok Follower Comparison is primarily good for beginner content

Behind TikTok is the Chinese company ByteDance, which gives well over 20 more apps, also outside China. These have inside, among other things, news services and studio portals. TikTok is currently considered young and wild compared to other communities because there is little professional content.

That could change soon. Since the beginning of 2020, operators started to communicate clips, etc. in the USA.

It’s a totally new development that a real digital interface is trying to attract not only end-users in Europe but also advertising users. So far, mainly portable PCs and smartphones of Chinese brands have been bought.

Millions of fines for data storage offenses.

In China, it was especially successful with an application of novelties from ByteDance. The company is positioned there very differently than in Europe. Novelties are a very sensitive sector in China.

In the rest of the world, however, particular attention will be paid to data storage for minors. “These are two different perspectives from which one looks at this company.

There are only teenagers at TikTok Follower Comparison

Why should I make a channel there” – is the number one answer to the question of why companies do not yet use this interface for themselves.

Yes, that’s right. There are more teenagers there. But these young and old teenagers influence their parents.

They influence the acquisition process so much that they actively attend to know what products are in the home.

You can see this not only at the self-service store when you’re on the move but everywhere. Young people influence mothers and fathers in their purchasing actions on all surfaces.

From food to clothing to electronics. A single viral video has the potential to have a huge impact on your brand, your company, your online, and offline sales. You can also create several new visitors in your store or at your food court.

Simultaneously, there are also people in TikTok who are about to create their own lives soon or right now.

More and more are going to make their own choices that will more or less shape their history. That’s the way things are going. You will try it out and possibly prefer products that you believe in.

In the same way, there’s going to be a growing desire to get into bars and shops that have already inspired people online and that they know have appeared.

Effective perception or first points of contact with your company in an instant of change is paramount. If many positive associations are created in that instant, this can lead to a very positive breakthrough for your company in the long run.

compare followers

What precisely “TikTok” is?

The previous application “musical.ly” was published in 2014 by two Chinese businessmen. The individuals primarily recorded dances and performances in popular songs on the community interface and then shared the associated clips.

For example, the application made the German twins Lisa and Lena internationally recognized. Among other things, they were among the most successful individuals on the app with their dance videos, and they had just celebrated their return in “TikTok”.

In 2017, the Chinese application was bought by the Chinese company “ByteDance” for up to one billion USD and rewound under the name “TikTok”. The start was still the same, but new properties like filters and effects were added.

What exactly do you do in “TikTok”?

“TikTok” doesn’t have enough to do with pure lip-sync as the precursor. Instead, there’s an extensive selection of “TikTok” content. From dances to comedy sketches, explanatory videos, and various animal videos.

For that reason, the application is commonly compared to the “Vine” service, which was discontinued and very common a few years ago.

However, dance is especially popular: numerous songs and associated dance choreographies are common simultaneously, for which individuals create their own videos. But short comedy videos are also becoming increasingly popular.

TikTok follower comparison vs. other networks

Over the years, “Twitter” had a limit of 140 letters and numbers for Twitter posts, “Vine” had clips that lasted six seconds and “Snapchat” posts disappeared after 24 hours.

“TikTok” has a similar limitation: the magic number here is 15. This is the highest number of seconds for video recordings within the application. But you also have the alternative to chain videos of up to 60 seconds together.

How does it all work precisely?

At first glance, “TikTok” looks a bit weird, but the application is subjectively easy anyway and has some things similar to “Instagram” or “Snapchat”: different filters and effects, among other things, in this way like hearts with which you can show that you enjoy something. You can also comment and communicate. But how do you get the videos?

The startup interface of the application is distributed in “Follow me”, there you can see videos of the individuals you are following and “For you”. Also, videos that an algorithm has chosen for you.

Here you can spend hours watching other individuals dance, cook, and entertain themselves without even making videos of themselves. Under the “Discover” link you will find recent popular hashtags and challenges and the most viewed videos.

Record videos yourself to increase your rating

First, click on the “+” link to make a recent video. After you have granted access to the camera and microphone, you can choose a sound at the top of the screen, which can be either popular songs or sounds from other “TikTok” individuals.

On the right side of the screen, you can choose between front and rear camera, set video agility, choose a filter and set a timer for the timer and duration of the video.

At the bottom of the screen, there are different effects on the left, in the middle the recording link and on the right videos or images from your camera reel that you can load. In the end, what you do with the features is completely up to you: you can be inspired by other individuals or assume something completely new.

TikTok Follower comparison: Growing dominance in lists

Thus, TikTok became a new player in the music market that is currently changing the music industry. “TikTok’s dominance in the charts has been growing over many years and is becoming increasingly clear. The most obvious example of this is Lil Nas X: he was able to make a huge breakthrough through one song in TikTok.

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” only became a hit with TikTok after hundreds of so many individuals have posted videos about the song there. The song climbed to the top of the broadcast lists and made it to the radio and pool lists from there. Their TikTok follow count grew up big time!

And that seems to be the path for many songs right now: months ago, among other things, it was the song “Say So” by Doja Cat, “ily” by Surf Mesa or “Death Bed (Coffee for your Head)” of Powfu.

These are songs that leave space for you to interact with them. You have to activate it yourself by playing the songs, dancing and recording an entertaining video. You are part of what makes these songs unique.

tiktok follower comparison

TikTok’s hits influence recent pop productions

Something that the crowd manages to reiterate in a simple way and that has rhythmic patterns with which you manage to dance is a virtue.

That’s why rap is so successful in TikTok: it’s very rhythmic and repetitive, but in a good way. The music is very easy and sounds good on the mobile phone speakers.

Instead of very heavy drums in the bass, deep and soft as a few years ago, many songs at this time would depend on distorted, aggressive and noisy 808s. It must be distorted and noisy to be heard on mobile speakers.

More and more musicians would be more and more oriented to the composition of TikTok. The only 15-second videos need a particular dramaturgy, among other things, the first part of 11 seconds followed by a 4-second climax.

The labels realize the application as a marketing tool

TikTok was initially an attractive space for teenage technology professionals to market their music and themselves. But, by 2018, the 2019 record labels have noticed that these teen artists who make their songs accessible on TikTok and post videos there are achieving amazing global reach.

In the US, in particular, numerous musicians were signed by record companies last year after they had a viral success on TikTok.

A TikTok triumph can continue your career, can take you to the top of the charts, bring out stars from strange artists. But even if a song in TikTok is used in millions of videos, a TikTok win can only do that.

TikTok Follower comparison only throws up “small proportions”

Record labels work hard to get their artists paid to use their music. But right now, the proportions you get from TikTok are small compared to what you get from other interfaces. With TikTok, you can put yourself on the record companies’ radar and make yourself understood. It’s not a real source of money right now.

Until then, numerous labels are negotiating with TikTok about license agreements for the record company listings, and some major labels like Universal, Sony or Warner have already signed contracts with TikTok.

ByteDance tests its Resso streaming service

Because TikTok shows how remarkable small parts of the music are and what their value is. Here, a huge new service has constituted the value building in it. And the message is very clear: here a section must also end up in the pockets of actors, artists, and their important partners.

For now, TikTok is still relying on music extracts and utilities to play songs, recontextualize them and process them into memes. This makes it easier for individuals to actively play with them for the first time, rather than just listening to songs or dancing to them.

However, there is a possibility that the Chinese company ByteDance will not be able to suggest this exclusive outlet for the time being and that it should be more than just a song excerpt.

ByteDance has already published a new broadcast service called Resso in India and Indonesia. It is very similar to Spotify, with the addition that Resso also relies on interactive content. You can comment on songs or communicate lyrics.

There is still no information from ByteDance on whether the service will also be able to challenge established broadcast services in Europe and the rest of the world. However, TikTok Follower Comparison has made it impacts all over the world, especially for music.

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