Real-time TikTok is a new interface that gives you a completely different video style.

Nobody wants long videos, uncreative contributions, or overheated topics in their nutrition.

It’s good that the TikTok video interface exhibits just the opposite.

Short video clips, colorful filters, and creative cuts create little artistic wonders to communicate, contrast, and comment on.

TikTok is the popular Generation Z application

In August 2018, the Chinese video interface and its German counterpart “” merged.

Since then, the circle of individuals has expanded rapidly and Real-time TikTok has become the most rapidly developing community on the planet.

Recently, the application has jumped from 4.1 million individuals in Germany to 5.5 million active users.

As the leading interface for short videos for smartphones, the application is created to capture and communicate imagination, knowledge, and everyday moments.

The free application is available to everyone on Android and iOS gadgets.

There is no requirement to create an account to view the videos. But you do it to make your own clips and play with the social network.

Real-time TikTok is mostly about simple performance, and its design appeals to Gen Z.

This is surely one of the reasons why the application is so common among teenagers.

No other network of this size addresses such a young target group.

Video clips as artistic wonders of the digital age

The 15-second to 5-minute videos are so-called “musicals”, i.e. short clips in which individuals play their favorite songs.

The various editing options create small artistic wonders that make individuals laugh and wonder or encourage them to imitate them. Especially the so-called “lip-sync videos” are very popular in TikTok. The music information bank gives many recent songs or audio clips or situations from movies or series.

In addition, there are several hashtags or thematic challenges where the video clips are collected.

The homepage lists the most popular videos worldwide and in the corresponding language zone.

Sharing, linking, commenting – cross-interface on Instagram, Facebook & Co

It is also feasible to communicate video clips in different communities.

In contrast to Facebook, Instagram, and business, Real-time TikTok is not focused on promoting its own interface.

Rather, there is talk of communicating the content directly to display it on other channels.

There are numerous chat apps available for this purpose: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Viber, and text message are all directly in the dialogue to communicate.

If the user shares it, the Real-time TikTok video can also be downloaded, exported as a gif, or saved as a live photo.

Mainly storing the videos affirms their extensive organization on Instagram, YouTube & Co – a huge benefit for all players!