TikTok follow count and you don’t know where to start and you have no idea what all these buttons are for.

And it’s amazing how much video editing utility is available.

In that case, you’ll be glad you found this guide.

Consider it a master list of TikTok properties, hidden utilities, and general tips and tricks.

We’ve been using the application for some time and have searched every corner of the story.

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Note: Most of these tips and tricks were written from an iPhone user’s perspective.

But most of them have to be precisely the same on Android.

TikTok tips and tricks: navigation and arguments

Before we dive into the tips and tricks.

Let’s look at how to walk through the application. When you open TikTok, you’ll see a menu bar at the bottom.

It has shortcuts for all the next five screens (or pages) of the application:

How to start TikTok follow count: Home

The homepage displays two fonts, “Following” and “For you”, which you can change between.

Now there are videos of the accounts you are following

The For You page displays the most popular videos that TikTok thinks you’d like to see.


Discover usually displays TikTok videos marked with a trend hashtag.

But on this page you can also enter search terms to find individuals, videos, sounds, and hashtags.

And a scan link in the search field opens a display so you can catch someone’s TikCode.

Yours is also here; it’s like a QR code that assists you in finding individuals quickly.

Send it to

The load opens in the recording screen.

Where you can record a video and carry out things.

Like changing its agility, turning on a beauty effect, adding a filter and finding other effects to evaluate.

You can even upload numerous videos and images for editing and sharing.


The incoming mail publicly displays all occupations of your shared videos.

You can filter these alerts by things like comments and mentions.

Just go to the context menu at the top.

Touch the envelope icon in the corner of your inbox to find all your private messages.


Your public profile that you and other individuals are able to view.

You can make parts of it – videos that you like – private.

Otherwise, your wishes and public videos will be visible here.

Furthermore, I show who you have followed, who follows you, the number of wishes in all your videos, your favorite videos and your linked social media like YouTube or Instagram.

I’m apparent to everyone, so you can add a profile picture and a biography, too.

TikTok follow cunt tips and tricks: search and find

At this point, you know the arguments of TikTok.

Let’s immerse ourselves in its primary properties and hidden settings, plus other tips and tricks you should understand.

Or touch To watch trend videos and videos suggested by TikTok.

The second path is finding.

Go to Meet in the menu bar.

Select a video from one of the popular hashtags or, at the top, search for videos.

The third way is to watch the videos you like or have liked.

Go to me in the menu bar.

Tap the Favorites icon to see the videos you’ve added as favorites or save them to watch later.

You can also see the videos you liked by going to the part with the Heart icon.

After finding a video, you can enjoy it, comment on it, save it, or download it to watch it offline (if the builder allows).

Many users even agree to perform a duet and react to their TikToks.

There are even settings to communicate, take a live picture or a GIF and add it to your private favorites.

In addition, you can find more TikToks using this sound or video hashtags.

tiktok follow count

Search and find TikTok videos by sound

Do you want to watch (and listen to) more videos that use a particular audio clip?

Find and watch a video with sound.

Touch the swivel tab to the right of the video.

Or you can tap the motion sound link at the bottom of the video.

On the sound page, you can add the sound to your favorites, share it, find the original use of the sound.

And find all the videos that use that sound. You can even start recording a video with that sound.

Alternatively, you can find sounds by trying to find them on the Discover screen.