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Tiktok follower count: more than 5000 per day

You want to build up your following at TikTok follower count but don’t know where to start?

Then stay here because in the next few lines you will discover what secrets lie behind a profile with a growth trend of 150,000 followers per month.

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Choose your sources carefully

Be careful, because on the web it’s the charlatans’ plan.

The first tip I’m offering you for free also applies to Instagram.

Before following the advice of the expert on duty, check his profile.

The reliability of the sources is important. So when you read another “definitive guide” look at the famous “social proof”.


Your TikTok account has potential but you don’t know how to use it?

Here are the tricks used by the most famous users with millions of fans to increase their tastes and followers.

In 2019 it’s not surprising to see teenagers who want to be famous at social gatherings.

TikTok, the platform that allows you to record and share videos where you sing, act and dance using lip-sync.

It is literally depopulating among younger users and is taking the place of YouTube.

TikTok is the new version of Musical.ly.

First used mainly in China, where it has 150 million users and is now used worldwide.

This means that TikTok users can reach millions of people every time they share a video.

Therefore it becomes a great opportunity to become famous on the Internet by watching.

The application has about 500 million members.

Think of the most famous “Musers” like Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel and Loren Beech:

They’ve become popular around the world with their lip-sync videos on Musical.ly.

They are making an influential career and earning a lot of money.

Their accounts have the crown, or verification badge, that TikTok follower count assigns only to its most popular and influential users.

If you wonder how they did it and what are the best tricks to increase their followers in TikTok.

To reach millions of followers and maybe get the crown, here are some useful tips.

To be able to exponentially increase your audience of followers in TikTok is not that easy:

Keep in mind that you’ll have to work for good results and using a follower generator won’t be enough.

The first thing you have to do is to create a friendly and attractive profile.

Look at the profiles of the best and most followed users and get inspired by them, trying not to copy them, but to always keep the original.

Find your own style and give users something different from what they have already seen.

Take the time to create valuable content.

Take a look at the tutorials on how to make the best TikTok videos and the tricks to make them more original before you start publishing.

Like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, there are many good tips in TikTok that will help you increase the quality of your clips.

Try to attract your audience.

People will appreciate you more if you interact with them.

For example, ask questions in captions, share TikTok follower count on other social media…

This way users will be more friendly to you and will probably follow you for a longer period of time.

Therefore, it is important to be very active, to respond to comments, messages, and to be online every day.

No one will want to follow you if you only post one video per week.

Create content with other users

This can really enhance your profile.

In fact, making videos with other Tik Tok follower count users (and especially with celebrities) will greatly increase your fans.

You’ll be more likely to be known by new users and potential followers.

Choose a nice username and theme.

A good username will help people remember you.

Therefore, it is essential, when creating your profile, to choose a catchy and simple nickname that is easy to find.

There are no creepy, childish or catchy nicknames that remember the names of famous singers.

Also in TikTok follower count, as in Instagram, you pay more to have a specific, thematic profile than to always publish different content.

In doing so, you risk giving a confused impression of yourself and not being able to reach an audience that identifies with what you do.

Use hashtags and famous songs, and participate in the challenges

The use of fashionable tracks and popular hashtags gives novice users more opportunities to be discovered by other users.

Another way to increase the chances of getting likes and in TikTok follower count is to ride the wave of fashion.

If challenges and networks go viral on social networks, join your lip-sync videos:

You’ll have the opportunity to make yourself known and increase your following.

Publish at the best time.

Also on TikTok follower count, as on Instagram, there are better times to share your content.

The right times, when users can have the most visibility, seem to be between 12:00 and 5:00 pm, and between 8:00 pm and midnight.

It is best to post the best content on the weekend, when everyone is free from school and homework.

Apps that add followers, though completely artificially, can give your account a boost.

And you know, a profile that already has thousands of followers seems more appealing to other users.

There are apps like Fame for Musically, Followers Tips for Musically and Musifans that work as shortcuts to social popularity.

Never buy followers for TikTok

There are several services that offer false followers for TikTok.

Again, I advise you not to be seduced by the idea of taking such an insidious shortcut.

I repeat, TikTok follower count algorithm is very advanced, if you get pinched you’re finished.

The risk of closing the profile is very tangible.

Learn to harness the potential of this fantastic partnership and put everything else aside.

The only thing that really counts in TikTok follower count, and here we are at the end, is the content.

After all you’ve read, you can’t follow any of the advice I gave you.

But if you publish quality videos, success will come regardless.

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