Some companies have already seen this as an opportunity and are creating their videos for TikTok realtime.

This shows that the campaigns that have already been played have been very successful and have achieved considerable reach.

Otto hit the mark with his #MachDichZumOtto campaign:

He generated over 100 million hits and thus took the TikTok realtime mechanism to the next level.

Huawei Mobile’s German-language channel was similarly successful

These people, for example, generate over 50 million hits under the hashtag #gönndirpsmart.

Cooperation with influencers proved to be just as relevant:

BMW used international TikTok realtime influencers for the introduction of the new 1-series, generating 7.6 million hits.

TikTok’s target group extends beyond the age of 13

According to TikTok’s realtime terms of use, the minimum age of users is 13.

If you spend some time with the application, it quickly becomes apparent that not only young people are interested in it.

Especially in Germany, the young target group is becoming increasingly blurred.

The majority of users in Germany are under 23 years old and 56% are women.

TikTok realtime has great potential for digital marketing!

In this country alone, the application for fun videos is accessed 6.5 billion times a month.

So it should be clear that advertising is not slow in coming here either…

Advertising offers great potential for companies

Although the ads in TikTok realtime are still in their infancy, the large number of users suggests that advertising can achieve a lot here.

Early adopters can still try out a lot in this field and discover new applications.

Also, advertisements or cooperations with TikTok realtime are currently still quite cheap compared to other social media platforms.

Therefore, companies should develop the right mechanics and try out new ways to find out what makes this community work.

If young people are to be reached, there is no way to avoid applying the trend.

Fast-moving content requires real-time marketing

Fast-moving content and creative processing lead to a long time in the application.

Users want to see the next video clip right away and don’t want to miss out on it.

A fun video to share with their friends.

The amount of content is enormous

For companies, this means:

rapid reaction and real-time marketing.

As with all social media content, the interest of the target group must be aroused from the outset.

In the first few seconds, the user decides whether to watch the video or go ahead.

The target group of young people is mainly directed to products or services in the field of:

Consumer electronics, fitness, food, fashion, and beauty.

Therefore, for companies in these sectors, it could be very useful to create their TikTok realtime account.

To carry out targeted digital marketing with these trend themes.

TikTok realtime: The Instagram for Video and Music

The video platform is so well received by the young target group that one wonders why the “Instagram for Music”.

Has not existed for a long time.

With its videos, TikTok closes the gap in the market left by the leading social networks in the market.

And is now one of the winners in itself.

Once you have entered the fast application full of colorful and moving images.

You can spend a lot of time with it and be inspired by the videos that are new every day.